If you are buying 1 litre of ice cream just for yourself, you will definitely come across to these three basic problems. First of all, the packaging is usually quite difficult to open. You have to tear the carton packaging in certain order to open it. After you have done that, you have to fold the whole packaging back together. Almost every time you do this, you will get frustrated. During this whole opening and closing process, the ice cream has almost melted before putting it back to the freezer.

The idea of my design was to create a packaging that could be opened to the half way by lifting the carton lid, which is folded in the middle. This way the ice cream does not melt that much and it will preserve better while kept in the freezer. The packaging ought to be made of moulded fibre and liquid packaging board. Pay attention, that this work is purely conceptual and has nothing to do with the brand Ingman.

Ice 1



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