Moneypenny Whisky Bottle

D&AD Student Awards 2012

Entry for the Graphics – Packaging Design brief sponsored by Design Bridge:”It’s time for a new generation of Scotch whisky. Leave behind the heather and weather, we want a 21st Century Scotch that challenges category convention and appeals to an international female consumer.”

About The Brand

My concept for the 21st Century Scotch whisky brand was inspired by the graceful, flirtatious and quick-witted secretary Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond novels and films. I decided to use this kind of a strong, elegant and feminine fictional character that the customers would immediately recognize and associate the product with environment full of adventure and classic style. Moneypenny is a whisky for a female customer who is independent and interested in pop-culture phenomena.

Modern Glamour

Whisky has been seen as a representation of old-school glamour among both men and women. The unsecure economic situation impacts on the customers ́ behaviour and dominating trends of our time. We want products that have nostalgic value just because they give us the feeling of security and warm glow when recalling the past. It also has an effect on the whisky marketing, consumption and the conceptions associated with the product itself. Moneypenny is a piece of old-school glamour for both female and male consumers to purchase.


Recycling The Oak Casks

For this design I focused on the shape. The bottle is ergonomically pleasant to use, because it fits to the shape of the hand. The recycled wood from the old oak casks gives a firm grip of the bottle and warm feeling to the hand in contrast to cold glass. It is a play of the sense of touch. The wooden part of the bottle brings that dignity which the 12-year matured whisky calls for. It also reminds the consumer about the origins of the production and perhaps encourages them to find out about the subject more.

New Opening Ritual

Moneypenny has a wooden cover, which works as a gift packaging and brings image of a premium brand. The bottle itself can be revealed from this cover simply by sliding it from the top. This abnormal opening system creates a new kind of ritual.

Moneypenny 2

Playful Approach

I approached the graphics in a minimalistic and playful fashion. One can recognize the rotary dial of an old telephone. This simple graphical element presents the information about the product but also stands alone as the logo. The Moneypenny logo mark has been carved to the inner part of the cork. This part can be seen from the top even when the bottle is in the gift packaging.

MoneyPenny 3


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