”Good design makes a product understandable.”

That is my favorite quote by Dieter Rams, who created the 10 Principles of ”Good Design”. How have I used that principle in my own design? 

I am a Finnish designer living in Helsinki. Currently I am working at Pentagon Design as a Graphic & Service Designer. I finished my studies in Aalto University´s IDBM Master´s Program (International Design Business Management) in 2015 . Before entering university, I did my Bachelor´s Degree in Packaging and Graphic Design in Lahti Institute of Design.

My studies in Aalto University has widened my scope of knowledge to cover not only design but also technology and business. The strongest asset I have is empathy: understanding everyday issues from the user´s perspective. But one can not learn only through theory and reading books. Therefore, I have developed a strong set of skills by working in different design and advertising agencies, startups and research teams.

At the moment my interest lays in the challenges that the health care industry and elderly population confronts, but I am open to different kinds of projects.


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