Pick Meal

What if you could assemble your own meal and decide the time you want to eat in the airplane?

The concept 

PickMeal is a self-service point, which serves wide variety of fresh food for passengers in the international area of the airport. PickMeal provides a new way of experiencing the airplane food for the frequent flyers and economy

Team members:
Anton Annala, Lucia Cosma and Olli Heiskanen

Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 5.49.23 PM

The displays will show, where you can find the nearest PickMeal at the airport and introduces the service.

You will receive information about the PickMeal through an application, when accessing the Airport Wifi. Now you can plan your meal beforehand and that way save time.app_food_choosing

Demoscreen_FullScreen shot 2015-02-05 at 5.50.13 PMpillars_PM

In the PickMeal Store, you can find the food with the help of the color coded pillars and clear icons.For security reasons the packagings are tagged with RFID, which indicate if the packaging is moved without payment from the shopping area.alarm (1)Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 5.50.29 PM

PackageAssembling02carryfood on plate_4stacked

The passengers can pick from two sizes of trays, according to their flight duration. There are three different sizes of the packaging.

All the packagings have a supporting lid, which can be utilized in the retail applications.

After scanning and paying the food, fold the packaging into more spacesaving form and carry it or attach it to the luggage.

The size of the packaging has been designed to fit to the trays in front of your seat in the airplane.

After you have enjoyed your meal, stack the empty packagings inside each other and hand out for the cabin crew for recycling.


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