Gold Star Award and the Sponsor´s Award winner
in Student Starpack 2012.
Brief A – Food on the move
The sponsor: The Benson Group
The brief: Redesign the packaging for a lunchtime wrap and an individual cake.

Judges’ comments:

”An excellent concept with thorough boards and thoughts.
Great mock up and nice element of surprise – well done.”

Sponsor’s comments:

”A truly innovative and inspirational piece of packaging.
The concept has been well thought out and executed.
The final prototype and boards are to a very high standard.”

The Challenge

I started my design process by defining the target group and making research of their eating habits and needs. As the result, I found uniting elements among the fast food consumers. I was able to list features that were expected from an on-the-go product such as lunchtime wrap and an individual cake. The needs of the consumer guided me to pay special attention to the message that the packaging reflects.

Sweet and salty

Sweet and salty 1Sweet and salty 2

Food Hygiene and Protection

The packaging protects the product with a tight closure, ensuring that the food stays safe all the way to the consumer. I also wanted to concentrate on the consumers ́ eating habits where the hygiene plays major role. During the busy lunchtime there might be no time to wash hands, so perhaps it would be more pleasant if one does not have to touch the food by hands at all or as less as possible.

The wrap can be eaten straight from the packaging or by sliding it out with the help of a thin paper on the wrap. The packaging minimazes the mess after eating lunch. It was important that the graphics supports the structure by guiding the consumer how to open the packaging in the right way.

Sweet and salty 3

Sweet and salty 6


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