Toolbox made of corrugated cardboard.

FIX IT is a tool box for the young adults, that have just moved to their own home and don´t have a proper collection of tools. I´m not trying to replace the professional tool box with FIX IT. The idea was to create ecofriendly, inexpensive, organized and good-looking tool box for everyone.
Usually these toolboxes are made of stainless steel, wood or plastic. I wanted to try if it´s possible to create it out of corrugated cardboard. FIX IT was my entry to the Pack to the Future ´11, which is a competition held by SCA Packaging Finland Oy. My work didn´t get any award from it. The brief was to design a cardboard packaging for a new target, better solution for an old product or totally new and innovative way of using the material.





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