Design Treasure Chest

The five World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 -cities, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Lahti, will embark on a joint venture in 2012 that will provide all kindergartens and schools that offer preschool education with a design-education project called the Designer’s Treasure Chest.


The Designer’s Treasure Chest is delivered to preschool education groups in the fall of 2012. The chest constitutes of a design-education guide on design methods and workshop materials that motivate the young to think about design. The exercises, based on the preschool curriculum, motivate children by stories, play and active participation to examine their own life and surroundings from a design point of view. The Designer’s Treasure Chest remains at preschool education where it can be utilized again and again in children’s design education.


– Children will learn a new way of looking at their surroundings.
– Children will learn to acknowledge the constructed environment from a planning and design point of view.
– Children will get a tangible experience of design.
– Design education will be incorporated into preschool education.

The Structure

The Chest is made of cardboard. It has an outer packaging, which protects the inner layer while transportation but also reveals some of the graphics that is hidden inside. This way the preschoolers can have a sneak peek to the packaging and are more eager to gather around the teacher because of their curiosity. The cover layer can simply be taken off  by sliding and pulling the parts away from each other.

The Story Stage

The Designer’s Treasure Chest opens up into a story stage. The Designer’s Treasure Chest’s Method Guidebook features six workshops and exercises that aim to introduce children to the various aspects of design. The theme of the workshops is an object familiar to us from everyday life; the shoe. The shoe theme is approached through a story, in which a fox follows the children from the forest to the city and needs new shoes.

Creators and Partners

The Designer’s Treasure Chest has been designed by students of package and graphic design
Anu Nokua, Anni Sirkka, Hanna Virkki and Milja Korpela
at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences’ Institute of Design and Fine Arts.

The project is the responsibility of the City of Vantaa Culture Services.

The package has been realised by DS Smith Packaging with the help of package-structure expert Ville Kinanen. The painting felt has been supplied by Suomen PaperiPyyhe Oy.

More information about the project and the full list of partners involved in the project:

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Arkku 5

Arkku 7




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